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X is for…


I generally prefer it processed and blended with other ingredients. But I like it more bitter than sweet, barely like milk version, and don’t like white at all. My tastes run to gourmet and European rather than grocery store American. It’s very nice in coffee or as it’s own beverage.

Of course I’m talking about chocolate.

I really do enjoy good chocolate, as do my children. Our one request of hub whenever he travels to Europe is to bring us back chocolate. So we’ve had chocolates from France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium, and U.K.

I love that chocolate is so versatile, working with both savory and sweet. Chicken with mole sauce. Chocolate bars with bacon pieces or chili powder. All kinds of fruits and nuts are better with chocolate. I love orange and chocolate, cherries and chocolate, hazelnuts and chocolate. Chocolate candies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cakes and cookies and pastries…

It’s a good thing we don’t keep too much of the good stuff around the house 🙂

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