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I love fireflies.

Having grown up on the west coast I’d heard of them but never seen any (unless you count the fake ones in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride).

The first one I saw kind of freaked me out. I’m in Indiana with my three children aged 8 & under, husband is in Illinois for work. I’m in bed, lights out when I see a strange alien green light on the wall. I had no idea what it was. I watched, wondering & worrying, for a few minutes as it flashed on and off, then took flight. I turned on the light to get a better look. It took me a moment but then I figured it out — Firefly!

Of course after that, I saw them every night. I clearly remember the Fourth of July that year, how they filled a tree, flickering & flashing, making it look like it was covered in twinkling fairy lights.

Now I know that when I see the first firefly that summer is close. Every night, I love watching them rise from the long grasses & flit around trees & our yard. All you can see is the glowing bit, making it easy to imagine they’re little bits of magic, fairies or sprites, lighting the summer nights.

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