S is for…

Seasons. As in Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Do you have a favorite? Supposedly lots of people do. I can’t say that I have a favorite but I do prefer Spring and Autumn, the transitional seasons.

Not that I hate Winter and Summer — they have their good points.

I love the singular crisp and cold days of Winter, when the sky is a bright clear blue and it is so cold that there are ice crystals shimmering in the air. Or the days when I can stay tucked warmly inside while large clusters of snowflakes float softly down — it’s like being in a snow globe. The rest of it is too cold, too grey, too messy, too damp, too chilly…

And Summer. Summer is great when it’s hot, but not humid, with a breeze, air conditioning , and easy access to a swimming pool/lake/ocean. BBQs — BBQs are a nice part of Summer. Hanging out in a hammock or on a shaded porch with lots of chilled beverages at hand. Late clear nights staring up at the Moon and stars. Sitting around a fire with hot dogs and s’mores. But like Winter, those days seem far too rare while most of them are too hot, too humid, too sweaty, too sticky, too many insects…

Spring and Autumn. Transitional. One when the world is returning to life, the other when it is returning to rest.

Everyday can bring something different — new leaves, buds, flowers; sweet floral scents; birds returning from their Winter away; baby animals; weather that varies from beautifully serene to stunning storms. The stripping off of the heavy Winter clothing for lighter garb. Ostara. Passover. Easter. Earth Day. Beltane. May Day (remember delivering flowers to neighbors?). Mother’s Day. Memorial Day.

Or conversely, each day the world slows down, bringing us closer to Winter — more colored leaves; fewer leaves on the trees and more on the ground; fewer birds and thicker coats on the animals that stay; cooler temperatures, during nights first then extending to mornings and then all day; that special smell that happens only in Autumn, of damp and rotting leaves — which is more pleasant than it sounds; the ripening and harvesting of so many crops. Bringing the warmer clothing, sweaters and boots and coats, back out of storage. Mabon. Oktoberfest. Rosh Hashanah. Yom Kippur. Sukkot. Diwali. Samhain. Halloween. Dia de los Muertos. Thanksgiving. Lots of family birthdays.

So, do you have a favorite or preferred season? Why?


About Robin Michelle

I write, I take photos, I read... I like to do things that make me happy.

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  1. Wow. I have to agree with every word you said. That is exactly how I feel.

    We live in a place with four distinct seasons, and I love every one for different reasons. I just wish winter was a little shorter. 🙂

    If I had to pick my favorite, I’d probably choose autumn. But spring is so close behind.

  2. I have a definite favorite season – spring! The new brilliant green growth on trees, fresh grass sprouts, flowers blooming profusely, baby animals being born, rivers and waterfalls running full, the first crocuses pushing up through a late snow, birds migrating, and fresh clean air after a spring storm. I love spring so much that’s when we got married, a symbol of a new start to our lives.

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