R is for…


Both in an image and as careful consideration.

It is not unusual, especially when taking photographs around water, for there to be reflections in the final image. Reflections I’m often not even aware of until later, when I’m reviewing the pictures. Like the photo I chose as the header image for this blog. My focus was on Mount Maunganui and making sure I got some of the beach in the shot — I had no idea I was catching any sort of reflection. Unfortunately, it’s a bit cropped in the heading ~stupid header formatting~ so here it is with the full reflection:


I find that sometimes how I go through life can be a lot like these photographs — I’m so, or too, focused on just one point of view, one image, that I fail to see or experience the whole thing. It’s not until later, when I’m reviewing what happened, that I realize there was a lot more going on that I just wasn’t aware of.

And this is where reflection as careful consideration comes in. Instead of waiting until “after”, I have to take (or make) the time to see the whole picture, see all the little details that affect the final product. With all the distractions in the average day-to-day — family, friends, pets, jobs, bills, TV, books, etc. — it can be so easy to just go-go-go without anything but the briefest of pauses to check off the items on our to-do lists before tumbling exhausted into bed. But taking the time to sit quietly and reflect, particularly positively, on the day/week/month, etc. — before/morning, during/noon, after/night (suggestions only) — can actually help reduce anxieties and stresses, and make it easier to fall asleep at night.

I’ll be the first to admit that I myself am not always the best when it comes to positive reflection, but when I do take the time, I often come away with a new outlook, a new plan, and better point of view.

P.S. The original word that came to mind for the letter R was “rumination” however, looking it up kept leading to “ruminants” and ruminating as an unhealthy psychological disorder — neither of which were where I wanted to go. 🙂


About Robin Michelle

I write, I take photos, I read... I like to do things that make me happy.

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  1. Sukanya Ramanujan

    So beautiful!

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