K is for …

Kiss? Nope, don’t want to write about that.

Kites — haven’t tried to fly one in years.

Kids — okay, but goat kids or mine? Goat kids are awfully cute and so hoppy, but I don’t really know anything more about them.

So my kids it is.

I have three human kids & 3 of the furry four-legged type.

My oldest, a daughter, just turned 21. She’s in her third year of college. She started as pre-nursing, changed to health sciences & is now considering medical school. So who knows how many years left to go. She’s smart — tested out of math & humanities, has a 3.7 or so gpa, and is pretty fluent in French (always took the National and AP tests & got high scores and prizes). Since starting college she has also lost weight through smart exercise & food choices. But she hates that some might just discount her intelligence because all they see is that she’s a ‘pretty girl’. ~sigh~

My son is a college freshman, mixing art and computers by studying game design. He’s a very talented artist – as long as you don’t ask him to paint or sculpt. He plays video games, skateboards, has great friends, and just recently got his very first job. He’s funny and snarky and smart and sometimes a mister-cranky-pants. He and I get along really well, sharing a lot of the same interests and off sense of humor.

Youngest is in middle school and has tons of friends. Through the Internet, she started reaching out to people before we even moved so she had friends waiting for her. She has no ideas yet on what she wants to do in the future, but she’s got a few more years before she has to really think about it. She loves girly stuff like doing her hair and nails, and she picked the pink bedroom. Right now she’s enjoying being an ‘only’ child instead of just the youngest.

As for the furry kids —
One long-haired we-don’t-know-what-breed cat who is a flame point with blue eyes. He’s our scaredy cat. But when he wants loves he is quite persistent and has no problems literally getting in your face.

One seal point mitted Ragdoll who is an odd mix of priss and mighty hunter. He’s been known to bring me mice in bed — really not nice at 3am.

One great big 80 lb (so far) 6 month old Landseer Newfoundland puppy. He’s bouncy and drooly and we have no idea how big he will ultimately be.


About Robin Michelle

I write, I take photos, I read... I like to do things that make me happy.

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  1. Now THAT’s a full house! Sounds like you have a very active, busy life!

    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge signup page. Great to meet you!

    Stephanie Faris, author
    30 Days of No Gossip

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