Ice Storm

Back on February 11th we had some crazy weather down here. The sort of weather that apparently happens only every decade or two. Something I’ve never experienced before.

An ice storm.

Not knowing what to expect, but preparing for the worst, we stocked up on food, hiked up the heater, closed off unused rooms, and stayed in. Daughter got Life out and we played for a while with The Weather Channel playing in the background. Beyond the lights flickering a couple of times and being stuck at the house, it wasn’t bad.

Oh, except for the neighbors pine tree that snapped and fell across our cypresses and dangled over the pool. The loud crack was startling but no one was hurt and our neighbor had all the tools necessary to get it cleaned up.

An ice storm is deadly dangerous but also otherworldly beautiful. Everything, and I mean absolutely everything, gets covered in a layer of clear ice, from tree tops down to foot paths. Walking outside is like peering into a crystalline faeryland — magickal. Especially when the sun comes out and everything glitters.

We have a weeping willow tree in our front yard. There were no leaves yet, just bare dangling branches. They were covered in ice, and swaying in the slight breeze they made a light musical sound, like wind chimes or beaded curtains.

Overnight it snowed on top of the ice, a crispy crunchy snow. Added to the ice, the weight of the snow had trees bent over almost double. And we could hear branches and trees cracking, breaking, and falling. Fortunately none were close enough to endanger us or our home. Of course, the next day it warmed up and all the ice came crashing down. At first it sounded like a hard rain, then like hail.

Even though we wanted to go out, not only was it not safe with icy spots & debris still falling, there were multiple trees down across multiple roads and almost every place we wanted to go was still closed.

What was really amazing was how quickly all the plants recovered. As soon as the ice and snow melted away, they were back upright. Within just a few days, branches that had been thickly coated with ice were covered in buds.

As long as the circumstances were similarly safe, I wouldn’t mind another ice storm :-).


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