E is for Eclectic

What is exactly is eclectic? According to the dictionary it can be either an adjective or a noun. As an adjective, it basically means something that is made up from parts chosen or selected from a variety of difference sources; not following any one specific way or method but choosing and using what one thinks are the best parts of all the methods. As a noun it is used to define a person who follows an eclectic path.

Were you to take a look at my books, my music, apps on my phone, bookmarked websites, even my jewelry, you’d see they all fall under the eclectic category.

My library contains fiction and non-fiction. There are books on history, anthropology, sciences, philosophy, health, cooking; biographies of a wide variety of people from world leaders to writers; reference books on language, writing, photography, computers; historical novels, romances, science fiction, fantasy, classics, modern literature, erotica. I have books that are hard-cover, paperback, and digital. Sadly, it is unlikely that I will ever get around to reading each and every one of them from cover to cover ~sigh~ [Note to self: Stop buying books!]

~~ Hi. My name is Robin and I am a bibliophile and a readaholic. ~~

My musical taste is just as varied. I enjoy classical as much as I enjoy today’s Top 40. My playlists contain country, bluegrass, opera, alternative, Celtic – traditional and modern, pop, rock, oldies, instrumental, and more. Just recently I discovered 2Cellos. Someone posted a link on Twitter, I checked it out and was hooked. They play not only the classics, but covers of modern hit songs, and completely new pieces.

Even my personal style around home is a mix of things. We’ve been fortunate enough to travel, so brightly painted plates from Mexico sit next to oil paintings of Venice; blue and white Danish and German Christmas plates are next to boomerangs from Australia. There are knickknacks and souvenirs from Greece, France, Florida, Pakistan and many other places all around our home. The only common theme is that they’re from other places, because they don’t match in color or texture or material or any other thematic way.

One of the big attractions, besides the pool, that led us to buy our current home is that every room is a different color, even each of the bathrooms. The family room is bright yellow, the kitchen red, the living room dark blue. Our bedroom is a soft turquoise, our youngest has the pink room, and the other two are a soft mossy green and blue, respectively. Everything is tied together by the white trim in and between every room. You wouldn’t think it would work, but it does.

So, I’m eclectic. I like being eclectic — I honestly don’t think I could be any other way.


About Robin Michelle

I write, I take photos, I read... I like to do things that make me happy.

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  1. Sukanya Ramanujan

    Love it! I like to think of myself as an eclectic person as well. Just today someone described my blog as eclectic! It is my new favourite word!

  2. Enjoyed reading your posts! I think most people end up being eclectic: a house or life is made up of all sorts of memories and sentimental items, although I think some people embrace it a bit more than others.

    Thanks for sharing 2Cellos, definitely enjoyed that!

    #929 from the A to Z challenge

    • Robin Michelle

      Thank you for your comment. While a lot of people are eclectic, I have met some that I can’t classify that way — they prefer very limited/specific types of foods, art, music, decor, etc.
      Glad you liked 2Cellos.

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