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I tend not to sleep very well, so consequently I end up with bits and pieces of a multitude of dreams running through my head most mornings. I’ve always had vivid dreams, as well as dreams that almost seem prescient. I’ve also had some really nasty dreams (zombies anyone?). And weird lucid dreams. And once, it was one of those where you can’t move but you’re certain someone, a black shadowy figure, is in the room with you. That one really wasn’t fun.

So, prescient dreams — the biggest ones were when I was at university. Someone from my hometown was also attending the same university but I didn’t know until a couple years after we started – different majors, different classes. Then we bumped into each other at the computer lab. It wasn’t any big thing — “hi, how are you” etc. We never hung out or anything. It was a large campus, we didn’t live anywhere near each other, had our own busy lives. But I always knew when I would see him because I’d dream about him the night before and remember the dream. It was never in the same place, so it wasn’t that we had schedules that matched enough to bring us to one spot at the same time on the same day. Sometimes it was in the quad, sometimes the gym, sometimes the student union… I don’t know why it was this way with this one person. And over the years there’ve been other small things. Nothing important or big or anything. Just moments, where in the middle of something, I’ve had that thought of “whoa, I remember dreaming about this.”

Zombie dreams — thank goodness I don’t have them any more ~fingers crossed~ They used to be just awful. I’d be fighting to save my family and it hardly ever went well. Plus, they were the sort of dreams where I’d wake up, think “that’s horrible” then fall right back into it. And then one night, I took control. I figured out how to fight and bring down and destroy the zombies. Very vividly. Gory and violent. But after that, the zombie dreams tapered off and I can’t even remember the last time I had one.

The one with the shadowy figure was super creepy. It felt like I was awake and looking to the side of the bed where a male shadow figure was standing. I knew it was a dream. I’m pretty sure I was able to move my foot back and forth, so I knew no one was really there, but I couldn’t wake up enough to open my eyes, sit up etc. Super super creepy.

Celebrity most often appearing in my dreams — Gerard Butler (what? He’s very nice to look at). But it’s more as friends than “those” sorts of dreams.

Person from my past, not family — friend from high school, same one who I kept dreaming about while at uni. We never dated, just were good friends. Talked, sat next to each other in classes, at games, on the school bus, went to each other’s sporting events. But it was never more than that. And other than while at college, there’s been no contact for many many years. But he’s the one who most frequently pops up in my dreams. And again, not “those” sorts of dreams. Just nice dreams.

I have dreams of family, including those who’ve already passed. I have dreams where I’m someone else. Dreams of alternate universes. Dystopian/post apocalyptic worlds. Good dreams. Bad dreams. All sorts of crazy dreams.

I should probably keep a dream journal…



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  1. Sukanya Ramanujan

    I can remember my dreams only when I am stressed out. Else I don’t remember if I dreamt. I used to have a lot of tornado dreams- apparently it signifies big changes. I’m doing the A-Z Challenge as well- http://sukanyaramanujan.wordpress.com/

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